Project Experience

Digital EngineAug 2022 - Present

As a principal front-end developer for a core module in a settlement product project at XX, I have been deeply involved in multiple critical areas of development and optimization, including configuration of settlement rules, automated testing, business migration, and data visualization. My role extended beyond technical implementation to encompass end-to-end management from conceptualization to deployment.

Tech Stack


Key Responsibilities

Settlement Platform Development & Optimization: Implemented features for configuring settlement rules and instances, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of the settlement process. Integrated front-end automated testing to ensure stability and quality of the project.

Core Business Migration: Successfully migrated core business modules such as revenue management, cost management, and receipt order management from the legacy system to the new platform. During this period, optimized and refactored multiple modules, resulting in significant improvements in system performance and user experience.

Front-End Technological Advancement: Addressed challenges posed by the low-code platform and outdated frameworks used in the project. Conducted integration adjustments on existing code and facilitated the migration of overall functionality, ensuring the project remained cutting-edge and maintainable.

Data Visualization Implementation: Developed tailored data visualization dashboards for various user groups, including business teams and senior executives, effectively supporting decision-making and business monitoring with key operational data.

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