Ryan Co

Hey, I am Ryan Co, a passionate front-end developer.

Currently, I work in Zhengzhou as a front-end development engineer.

Used technologies include React, Vue, TypeScript, and Playwright, and I am familiar with a variety of component libraries. In my work, I have participated in the development of multiple complex business finance back-office projects, for more details, please click to view. Additionally, I have developed multiple personal projects. If you are interested, please click to explore.

Over the past two years, besides completing my daily work, I have also been using my free time to continuously learn and understand the latest front-end technologies and trends. And I have organized some commonly used tools and frontend libraries that I have used before, please click to take a look.

Should you have an interest in front-end development, technology-related topics, or wish to discuss anything else, do not hesitate to reach out to me. We can share insights and foster mutual growth and advancement together.

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